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Please note, the  descriptions for each workshop are in the language they will be taught in.

Les plantes et le passage de la menopause - Johanne Fontaine 

Comprendre le passage de la ménopause et les plantes qui aident.

Quels sont les premiers signes que la ménopause s'en vient? Que peut-on faire pour faciliter ce passage? peut-on s'y préparer dès la quarantaine? C'est ce que nous regarderons ensemble.

Herbal teas - Kayoki Whiteduck

This workshop will include how to make herbal teas, infusions and decoctions, which herbs to use, medicinal benefits/actions/properties and cautions of some common herbal teas, blending herbal teas, native species/invasive species/cultivars and nourishing herbal teas.

There’s Endangered Medicinal Plants in The Hills - Abrah Arneson

Within the Gatineau Hills, with its mixed forests, wet lands, meadows and lakes, many medicinal plants make their home. Many of these plants because of changes of in the landscape during to industry, development and over harvesting are on at-risk lists. During this workshop you will learn to identify some these plants, a bit about their history and medicine, and what you can do to help keep the medicine in the Hills.

Marvel at Mushroom Mycelium - Nicholas Kielback

How can we not marvel at mushroom mycelium? 

The underground network that connects and supports all life. Mycologists say "each step in the forest, almost everywhere in the world we walk, there are up to 300 miles of fungal mycelium." So step into learning how to identify mushrooms,

I will be discussing methods to identify, consume, preserve and other ways to enjoy the fruits of the forest.

Art 4 Joy! - Eniid Goodman 

Found objects in nature collage afternoon art workshop (1 hour) 12pp max
Flowers, leaves & other plants that speak to your heart will be replicated through a combination of prints (leaf impressions,) & sketch drawings. You will be encouraged to replicate your favourite creations and even share with others through photocopying to create your final masterpiece. Torn decorative paper, recycled paper & Gold leaf will also be applied for maximum shazam appeal & Joy.

Flower Essences - Marianne Beacon

Begin or develop your skills at making a flower essence. Together we will make an essence, learn some of the techniques, and everyone will take home a sample of the essence we make.  We'll learn how to make the 'mother' essence, and then how to make a stock bottle and formula from it.

Healing Long Covid - Steven Martyn

In this workshop we will look at herbs and foods for treating long Covid, specifically with GI track complications. While 'long Covid' is generally still not even being acknowledge by most doctors I believe the symptoms are widespread in the population. Some statistics indicating as much as 50% of folks who've had Covid are suffering from related long term inflammatory conditions. Much like Lyme, Chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Crones the medical establishment has difficulty finding medical 'proof' that these or Long Covid exists, and is at a complete loss as to how it can be treated. Many of the same herbs and treatment methods are employed in treating long covid as these other systemic chronic diseases. I believe the added (and new) complication has to do with fall out from the spike proteins which is what made this pandemic not just a flue but life threatening to even those who are healthy.

Intuitive Healing With Herbs - Steven Martyn

In this workshop, as a group, we will do an intuitive 'reading' with one or two living herbs, exploring there physical indicators (Doctrine of signatures) as well as their spiritual essence. We have co-evolved with herbs for hundreds of thousands of years. This has given us, like all animals, the ability to look, smell and taste herbs in such a way as to 'know' there properties and what deficiency and disease the plants might be used for.

Terrestrial Kindred: An Intimate Relationship Between Plants and People - Alberto Carbo Cht RH

No matter where on Earth you go, you are bound to find those who continue to use traditional plant medicines today. Since time immemorial, people have been using plants as medicine, yet the ways in which different cultures came to know and use them are not always easy to quantify in scientific terms. In addition to the long history of medicinal plant usage, human beings are intricately interlaced with plants in more ways than one would expect.
Aside from the obvious fact that without plants, we would not have enough oxygen to breathe, it is seldom ack
nowledged that the arduous and prolonged transformation of a barren rock surface, into a living Earth, was made possible thanks to plants, fungi, and bacteria.
Once you start digging, you start to uncover the roots of our evolutionary story, matted together, in relationship to the other living beings that surround us. Through the exploration of this long, drawn-out, transformational kinship we can truly begin to understand that Plant medicine is the medicine of the People. 

Founding a Community Medicine Garden - Kelly McDowell

This talk will explore the evolution of the Peterborough Community Medicine and Sanctuary for at-risk medicinal plants. The workshop will provide ample examples of community-building and fundraising activities that can be used by participants to create similar opportunities in their communities. 

Black Folk Herbalism - Kelly McDowell

This workshop will explore the unique histories and practices of Black Folk Herbalism, particular to the African American experience. The talk will explore the specific cultural heritages that inform the practice and discuss numerous ways the tradition contributed to North American herbal knowledge as well as how those contributions have been erased. 

Le jardin médicinal, un survol de plus de 25 plantes  - Mariane Desjardins Roy

Nous parlerons de la conception, choix des variétés, compagnonnage, paillis, amendement, arrosage, calendrier des plantes médicinales cultivées (donc nous n'allons pas parler des plantes sauvages du Québec dans cet atelier).
Avec une brève description des propriétés médicinales, nous mettrons spécialement l’emphase sur leur culture, entretien, récolte et transformation, autant culinaire que médicinale. 
Rien de tel que cultiver ses propres plantes médicinales pour réaliser à quel point elles sont précieuses!
J'y aborderai brièvement mon parcours pour les intéressés à la fin de l'atelier.

Creating Bioregional wildcrafted spices, salts and condiments - Megan Spencer

A demonstration on creating Bioregional wildcrafted spices, salts and condiments and how to add them to your daily meals.

Learn how to create wild food infused salts, vinegars and condiments to elevate simple meals, infusing and consistently adding the medicine and flavours of the land to your days. In so doing we cultivate our wellbeing, deepen our connections and relationships with plant kin.

Visite de jardin - Johanne Fontaine

Les plantes pour l'équilibre hormonal

Plusieurs plantes soutiennent notre cycle menstruel pour qu'il soit plus harmonieux, cela apaise le syndrome prémenstruel, permet des règles sans douleurs et augmente la fertilité si c'est ce que l'on désire. Nous irons à leur rencontre pour apprendre comment elles peuvent nous soutenir.

Herb Walks 

Join herbalists Christina , Alberto or Jen for a herb walk. Herb walks are a favourite way of learning the medicine growing in meadows and forests of the Gatineau Hills.


9 – 9:30 Registration/Inscription

9:30 to 10:30 – Opening ceremony/Cérémonie d’ouverture

10:45 to 12:00 – Workshops/Ateliers

12:00 to 1:00 – Lunch/Dîner

1:00 to 2:00 – Workshops/Ateliers

2:30 to 3:30 – Workshops/Ateliers

4:00 to 5:00 – Workshops/Ateliers

5:30 – Closing circle/Cercle final

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